Gabriel Fernandes’ Puzzle Collection

Gabriel Fernandes' Puzzle Collection 1

One of the questions I used to be asked some time back again got me considering puzzles in different ways, looking for characteristics and special features that differentiate them from the average-looking puzzles. The question couldn’t be simpler, however the answer, however, is very subjective, and can vary greatly on the person who answers you. Nevertheless, the query didn’t deter me from trying to come up with a good response – After all, I like to discuss all plain things puzzle.

Mind you, the topic is about the most amazing puzzles, not the best – Even though some puzzles can participate in both categories. So, what better way to start this series of articles than with one of the very most recognizable puzzle brands in the world, the Cast Puzzles from Japan company Hanayama?

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If you ever frequented a puzzle store (online or a physical shop), it’s likely that you’ve probably seen many of these Cast Puzzles, also because they’re always the featured brand. Contrary to popular belief, Hanayama is not simply Cast Puzzles, although that’s what gets them the most identification within the puzzle community. But why is Cast Puzzles so popular therefore saturated in demand? Why are them so interesting and interesting, or put simply, so beautiful?

They’re an expression, a product of their designer’s creativeness, inventiveness, and genius. Initially sight, a few of them don’t even look like a puzzle whatsoever. Each Cast Puzzle is carefully chosen after much thought in support of the most gifted designers can aspire to having their designs picked up for that coveted metal-cast version.

The story of the Cast Puzzle series starts in 1983, with the release of the first three puzzles: Key, ABC, and Star. Curiously enough, it is the year I was born, so maybe that’s why I like them so much. Since then, A season and today totals over 60 different designs Hanayama has been liberating typically 2 puzzles. Over the full years or more until his passing, in 2004, he was responsible for bringing a great many other designs to the Cast Puzzle family.

He also influenced lots of other designers to share their ideas and principles, thus enriching the business’s catalog, like Oskar van Deventer, Akio Yamamoto, or Vesa Timonen, who are among the largest design contributors. A normal-Cast Puzzle doesn’t follow any specific design rules. Some are beautiful and exquisite representations of known items or pets already, like the Cast Seahorse or the Cast Violon; others are abstract completely, like the Cast Radix or the Cast Baroq.