Beauty As Subjective-Objective

Beauty As Subjective-Objective 1

It has sometimes been kept that beauty is objective in the sense that it is present in things and would continue so to can be found even if there were no minds to understand it. As we shall below see, there is an element of truth in this view. But there are complications in the real way from it which forbid its unconditional acceptance. Such facts as these would appear to be inconsistent with the idea of the extreme objectivity of beauty. If beauty is objective and in no sense dependent upon the mind that experiences it, why should it not be the same for those thoughts universally?

There is another view of the locus of beauty which is the contrary extreme from that referred to above. This is the view that beauty is available, not in the surroundings, but wholly in your brain. It is a peculiar way of feeling that human beings entertain about the world, a “light that never was on sea, or land” but exists only in the heart of man.

…But granting this, there are other facts that won’t permit us to state that beauty is completely a matter of subjective feeling. On this comparative side it should not be overlooked that, speaking broadly, beauty exists for those minds alike that adequate training tends to bring aesthetic judgments towards a common standard.

…The ideals of beauty are the objects of aesthetic judgment; and every common sense, we have seen, is exactly the reaction of the brain to an environmental situation. These objects are beauties which are such qualities concerning arouse within an observing mind that peculiar response called ‘aesthetic’ – the judgment of beauty.

I have never acquired so many fish so willing to play. I was burning and was loving life. I really like days such as this. So, the apparent theory of western Browns that don’t eat hoppers was now a fallacy of monumental proportions and based on my performance, Ben couldn’t cut his leader fast enough.

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Other seafood was seen that people couldn’t coax into a battle, but that was okay. Today was single-handedly the best day of Brown Trouting I had formed ever experienced! As the clock kept ticking and reminding us of the impending departure, we fished all the harder. In fact even after stating it’s time to go, we fished the real way out walking and casting with each step.

More fish arrived, and went, but our smiles continued to be! YOU AT ME LOOKIN’? Smiles are exchanged on western waters! This is one heck of each day and an awesome day to summarize the trip on. I will be back again to this stretch of water, mark my words! Thanks for reading along beside me over the past month or so as I recalled the recollections from awesome western waters.