What Encounters Shall Advantage You Most?

What Encounters Shall Advantage You Most? 1

Assuming that you’re interested in the nail industry and have skills/abilities/abilities worth compensation, how do you find your niche? What are your targets, and how much are you willing to compromise to attain them? What experiences will advantage you most? Our industry includes a wide variety of occupations: licensed service providers (manicurists, estheticians, cosmetologists, etc.), salon owners, chemists, manufacturers, distributors, teachers, consultants, marketers, event organizers, publishers, writers, web site designers, and more. Determining which situation suits you can be considered a challenge, but then be discouraged rather, it’s best to view the process as a trip of personal and professional growth. As with any journey, we all somewhere to start, and for many of us that the place was a beauty college.

The beauty school experience, while shared, can vary significantly; some educational schools provide an excellent education and prepare students for the realities of salon work, while some do not. That’s to be likely because beauty institutions exist to provide the basic knowledge essential to pass a licensing exam (written and useful, in most state governments).

Given the quantity of time and money invested, it’s not the most efficient way to learn, but we have to make the best of it if you want to be licensed manicurists/nail technicians. Ultimately, it’s up to the average person student to get the excess education, experiences, and training to succeed as a licensee.

Immediately after beauty college, new licensees have options; some licensees feel prepared not only for the realities of salon work, but for the obligations of salon ownership. If only it were that easy. As a licensee and salon owner who’s never worked as a salon worker, The charm can be realized by me. While in beauty school, I definitely planned to work for myself. However, I’m also able to verify the unlikelihood of success.

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  4. 1/2 – 1 tsp of desired natural clay powder
  5. Put liberal amount of Exfoliating Cream. Do not rinse
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Even with resources (primarily money), inexperienced salon manicurists, and owners battle to provide quality services, build a loyal clientele, and keep maintaining adequate cash flow. That’s the reason why I encourage aspiring salon owners and newly licensed manicurists to get salon work as their first position after beauty college, if as an employee is not their ultimate goal even. Why repeat the same mistakes created by others when you will be learning and earning without significant financial risk?

For every manicurist who complains that they cannot find a decent salon to work in, there’s a salon owner who could complain about finding a good manicurist to lease space to or employ. ONCE I began my business, I had developed no purpose of hiring employees, however now I cannot visualize working my salon without them. Expanding my business and hiring employees has been an essential part of my professional growth.

Precision Nails, the exclusive nails-only salon at The Crossroads Carmel, requires a licensed manicurist join our staff part-time (Fridays and Saturdays to start out, more days/hours may be added later). Will need to have a valid California manicuring permit, ability to learn and strong communication skills. No salon clientele or experience necessary. All training, clients, and products provided. Learn advanced techniques from an expert educator.